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Companion Animals

Farmed Animals



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Companion Animals                                                                


A New Leash on Life by the Humane Society of the United States

15 minutes


Follows the adoption process of a stray dog rescued from the streets.


Dogs, Cats & BIG Kids by Donald Manelli & Associates, Inc.

25 minutes


How-to's of proper pet handling, reading animal body-language, dealing with unknown/stray animals, and more!


Hands of Love by Kinship With All Life Foundation

20+ minutes


Proper pet handling and care as demonstrated by young children to upbeat and fun footage and music.


Kids & Animals: A Healing Partnership by June Salin

46 minutes


Unfolds several true stories of animal assisted therapy, this film provides a wonderful illustration of the loving bond and many benefits of human/animal friendships.


Protecting the Web by Erick Friedl

14 minutes


Discusses the connections between all living creatures and how our daily decisions impact those around us; even the tiniest creature is deserving of protection.


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Apples & Oranges a music album by Bob Pyle

50 + minutes total


A folksy music album that is great fun and combines two grand loves: music and caring for animals!  Apples & Oranges is a wonderful source to introduce children to vegetarianism in a creative and light-hearted manner.


My Friends at the Farm by Farm Sanctuary

19 minutes


Provides an age-appropriate overview of the realities of factory farming, animal slaughter, and finishes with positive and humane alternatives to animal food and clothing.  May broadcast on public television.


Share the World by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals       

28 minutes


Divided into four sections, this film provides a great basis for teaching about sentient creatures, responsible care, and choosing humane alternatives.


Stimulus/Response by Association for the Study of Animal Behavior

30 minutes


Looks at the needs of farmed animals through science and biology; draws viewers to observe the similar needs between animals and human beings, such as the need for companionship.


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Through Animals’ Eyes by Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

20 + minutes


Discusses how many wild animals, such as raccoons, possums, and snakes, adapt their wild behaviors to urban environments as humans continue to build on forest and natural lands. Many excellent suggestions for humanely co-existing with our wild neighbors! 


Wolf Teacher: A Modern Wolf Saga by Pamela Brown and Gay Dillingham

50 minutes


Takes a close-up look at rescued wolves and the awesome educational traveling program that features wolf ambassadors visiting classrooms across the nation.