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    February 2009


    Monkeys and Mice on 60 Minutes


    Paws Down!

    To the 60 Minutes show “Fountain of Youth” for not questioning the use of animals in research.


    The January 25, 2009, segment spotlighted the commercial development of the natural substance, resveratrol. During the show, viewers were informed that resveratol research includes laboratory tests on monkeys and mice in the quest to find a “fountain of youth” drug for humans. Although this was a story about humans and our eating habits, the silent message in the story is:  animal experimentation is acceptable.


    60 Minutes correspondent Morley Safer did not mention the fact that these animals, who are forced into these experiments, are deprived of their natural habitat and family life. Some of monkeys have reportedly been part of the experiment for close to two decades. Only once did Mr. Safer indicate that animal testing is often of little use to humans when he said, “nine out of ten drugs that look good in mice ultimately fail in human trials.”   


    Please send a polite note to 60 Minutes expressing your displeasure that the “Fountain of Youth” segment failed to address the animal welfare costs of resveratol research. Urge 60 Minutes to air a piece highlighting the harm animal research does not only to animals, but also to humans.


    Jeff Fager, Executive Producer
    60 Minutes
    524 West 57th St.
    New York, NY 10019

    Phone:  (212) 975-3247

    E-mail:  60m@cbsnews.com







    Protect National Forests


    Paws Down!

    To the U.S. Forest Service for allowing logging and road construction in part of the White Mountain. National Forest


    The U.S. Forest Service denied an appeal from conservation groups to halt logging and road construction in the Kilkenny Roadless Area, a protected area of the forest in northern New Hampshire. Conservationists say that these areas contain crucial wildlife habitats for rare and wide-ranging species. The area is home to the lynx and American marten, among other species.


    Please write a polite letter to the U.S. Forest Service urging them to reconsider their decision to build roads and cut trees in the Kilkenny Roadless Area of the White Mountain. National Forest


    Abigail R. Kimbell, Chief

    U.S. Forest Service
    1400 Independence Ave., SW
    , D.C. 20250-0003

    Phone:  202-205-1661 or  800-832-1355






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