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    May 2010


    Victory for Abused Horses


    Paws Up!

    To the Honorable George J. Pulver for sentencing horse abuser Ernie Paragallo to two years in jail.


    According to news reports, Greene County, New York, Judge George J. Pulver sentenced Ernie Paragallo to the maximum two years allowed under law for his conviction on 33 counts of animal abuse. Paragallo will have to pay restitution to the groups that took care of the horses as well as a $33,000 fine. Paragallo, owner of Center Brook Farm near Coxsackie, New York, was charged with “overdriving, torturing and injuring [33 horses]…in 2008 and 2009.”


    NHES also wishes to recognize Terry J. Wilhelm, Greene County District Attorney, for bringing charges against Paragallo.

    Take Action: Please write notes of thanks to both District Attorney Wilhelm and Judge Pulver for their roles in prosecuting and sentencing animal abuser Paragallo.


    Honorable George J. Pulver

    Greene County Courthouse

    80 Woodland Avenue

    Catskill, NY 12414


    Terry J. Wilhelm, District Attorney
    Greene County

    411 Main Street
    Catskill, NY 12414

    Tele.: 518-719-3590
    Fax: 518-719-3792







    Israel Says NO to Fur


    Paws Up!
    To the Israeli government for validating a bill which prohibits the production, sale, and trade of fur.


    After a documentary on fur farming was aired on Israeli television, public outcry from Israelis sparked the proposal of this legislation. Most recently, celebrities Paul McCartney and Brigitte Bardot joined in to promote this bill. In a recent poll conducted by the International Anti-Fur Coalition, 86 percent of Israelis believe that killing animals for fur is wrong, and 79 percent of Israelis support the fur trade ban. If this bill is passed, Israel would become the first country to ban the import and export of fur entirely.


    Take Action! Please contact Knesset member Ronit Tirosh letting her know that you support her proposed bill to end the sale and trade of fur in Israel. 


    Knesset Member Ronit Tirosh
    Kiryat Ben-Gurion  
    Jerusalem, Israel 91950

    Phone: 02-6408423

    Email: rtirosh@knesset.gov.il








    Montana Seeks to Kill More Wolves in 2010


    Paws Down!

    To the Montana wildlife managers who wish to more than double the number of wolves killed by hunters in the state.


    The gray wolf was reintroduced to Montana a mere 15 years ago. Already, this fledgling population is being threatened; the first wolf season was held in 2009 with a quota of 75. 


    According to the commission’s own news article, “[Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Commission] wildlife managers are proposing to create 14 wolf hunting units and will ask the commission to consider overall harvest quotas of 186 and 216 wolves.” The meeting will be held on June 2 with the public comment period expected to continue through June 14.


    NHES feels that hunting for sport is cruel and unnecessary. Also, wolves’ tight family bonds are disrupted by random deaths. The remaining pack members can be left without seasoned leadership to get them through hardship.


    Take Action! Please contact one of the five Montana wildlife commission members with a polite letter or phone call to let him know that increasing wolf hunting for 2010 is the wrong thing to do for wolves and the environment.


    Bob Ream, Chairman

    521 Clarke Street

    Helena, MT 59601








    What About the Menu 


    Paws Up, but Down

    To the White House Correspondents’ Association for promoting an eco-friendly dinner, but falling short when it comes to the animals.


    While the White House Correspondents’ Association tried to be eco-friendly for its annual dinner in Washington, D.C., the organization missed the mark where the meal was concerned. According to news sources, “From printing all programs and tickets to the event on 100 percent post-consumer recycled content paper to renting the Red Carpet to distributing uneaten meals to the Washington D.C. Central Kitchen, every decision had a purpose.” Right down to the waterless urinals in the men’s room, this event seemed cutting edge and environmentally sound.


    Yet, served at the dinner were crab claws, filet, and halibut. We now know that a major source of global warming comes from factory farming. Serving meat at such an event negates all the positive eco-friendly actions the organizers instituted. In addition, our seas are being devastated by factory fish farming and our inland waterways destroyed by fish farms. In fact, some reports indicate that by the middle of this century we could have a total collapse of our seas because of the massive numbers of fish being removed at unsustainable levels, not to mention the pollution wreaking havoc on our seas. Putting crab and halibut on the menu is not at all eco-friendly.


    Take Action: Please write a polite letter to the White House Correspondents’ Association thanking them for their efforts at being eco-friendly and urging them to replace meat-based dishes at next year’s event with plant-based ones. If the organization wants to be truly eco-friendly, it will think about the food as well as the bathrooms.


    Edwin Chen, President

    White House Correspondents' Association
    600 New Hampshire Avenue, Suite 800
    Washington, DC 20037

    Tele.: 202-266-7453 
    Fax: 202-266-7454







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