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2 Cities In Alabama Have Banned Dog Tethering

Paws Up!
November 16, 2018

To the Athens City Council and Huntsville City Council in Alabama for passing ordinances to ban the practice of tethering dogs outside for prolonged periods of time.

Watching dogs run and play outside with reckless abandon warms the hearts of many people. After a sprinting session or zoomy time, they exude happiness and contentment. Some may even say a happy dog is a tired dog. These dogs are a stark contrast to the dogs who live a large part of their existence tied to the end of a chain. These chained dogs succumb to a myriad of negative behaviors and physical problems. One of the most dangerous behaviors being aggression that can have deadly consequences. These dogs are often deemed dangerous or sadly euthanized when a bite has occurred. Continuous tethering is a contributing factor in creating this aggressive behavior.

Cities and counties throughout the United States are passing laws to limit or restrict the practice of continuous chaining. Two cities in Alabama have banned it altogether. According to recent news articles, Athens City Councilmembers and Huntsville City Councilmembers have banned unsupervised dog tethering for prolonged periods of time. Anyone found guilty of breaking the law in Athens will face a minimum fine of $50, whereas Huntsville residents will face greater ones. First-time offenders will be charged $200, second-time offenders will be charged $500, and third-time offenders will have to appear in court. The fines between the two counties vary greatly, but the reasoning behind the ban is the same–to create a more humane life for dogs who would otherwise live their lives on the end of a chain.

To learn more about the dangers of dog chaining, please download our free brochure here.

Take Action: Athens City residents and Hunstville City residents, please contact your councilmembers and thank them for passing this law to end the suffering of dogs who exist on the end of a chain.

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