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Albemarle County, VA, Restricts Dog Tethering

Paws Up!
November 20, 2018

To lawmakers in Albemarle County, Virginia, for restricting the amount of time dog owners can tether their dogs unsupervised.

Dog tethering for prolonged periods of time is being restricted in Albemarle County, Virginia. According to a recent news article, dog-owning residents of Albemarle County will only be allowed to tether their dogs outside for 2 hours per day. In addition to this restriction, residents are banned from tethering their dogs during times of extreme heat or cold. Enforcement of the law is based on neighborhood complaints.

To learn more about the dangers of prolonged tethering, please download our free brochure here.

Take Action: Support laws in your area that will improve the lives of dogs who live most of their lives on the end of a chain.  

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