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America's Greyhounds Need Our Help!

Greyhound racing has plagued American society for over one hundred years, with the first commercial greyhound track opening in California in 1919. Over the course of only a decade, nearly seventy greyhound racing tracks were functioning across the United States. Since the 1990’s, greyhound gambling has declined in popularity, largely due to animal welfare organizations, like NHES, helping to educate the public about the dark realities of the sport. In 2018, NHES supported and applauded Florida citizens as they overwhelmingly approved Florida Amendment 13 and banned commercial dog racing in their state. 

In an upsetting turn of events, in February of this year, the majority of West Virginia’s state senators voted against Senate Bill 285, which would have saved 2,000 greyhounds from the horrors of dog racing in West Virginia.

Animal welfare advocates and lawmakers are now taking a different approach–a federal bill to end greyhound racing across the United States! H.R. 7826, The Greyhound Protection Act, would phase out the cruel and inhumane practice of greyhound racing on a federal level. This legislation was just introduced in July 2020 and is in the beginning stages of the legislative process.

It is never too early to tell your representatives how you feel about dog racing! Please click here to find your representatives and tell them to support H.R. 7826: The Greyhound Protection Act!

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