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Factory Farmed Goats and Sheep

Goat_webIn 2020, the USDA reported that 624,400 goats and over 2 million sheep and lambs were slaughtered. Goats are raised for their meat and milk. Sheep are raised for their milk; and other body parts are used to make glue, gelatin, lanoline, surgical sutures, and strings for musical instruments and tennis rackets.

Farmed Goats’ Life

  • Goats are raised for their meat and milk.
  • Large numbers of goats are cruelly slaughtered for halal or kosher meat.
  • Goats are kept outdoors subjected to extreme weather conditions.
  • Kid goats are subjected to torturous procedures such as disbudding and castration .

Farmed Sheep Life

  • Sheep are often shorn in the middle of winter without thought to the animal’s discomfort.
  • Lambs may endure tail-docking with no anesthesia.
  • Sheep are subjected to the torturous procedure of mulesing to prevent fly-strike.
  • Lambs are only allowed one feeding after birth before being taken away.
  • Ewes are continuously impregnated to keep them producing milk.

Death of Sheep and Goat

  • They are packed into trucks with no regard for their comfort for transport to the slaughterhouse.
  • Goats are sent up a chute where they are knocked unconscious with a bolt pistol prior to slaughter.
  • They are shackled by their hind leg and lifted into the air to be cut open and bled out.
  • They sometimes regain consciousness to experience their horrific death.

Take Action to Help Goats and Sheep

  • Substitute veggie and soy-based products for animal-based milk, meat, and cheese.
  • Substitute synthetic materials for leather and wool.
  • Find a vegetarian group in your area and attend a meeting.
  • Visit a farm sanctuary and get to know the sentient creatures goats and sheep truly are.
  • Learn more about factory farming and educate others.
  • Support legislation to require stricter regulation and enforcement of animal farming welfare and treatment laws.
  • Download and print or mail order NHES’ Factory Farms brochure to distribute in your community.
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