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California Lawmaker Pushes for Statewide Fur Ban

Update: AB 44 was signed on 10/12/19.

Paws Up!

To California State Assemblymember, Laura Friedman, for introducing a bill that would ban fur sales in the entire state of California.


Assembly Bill 44, entitled The California Fur Ban, would ban all sales of fur and fur products throughout the entire state of California. It would also be illegal to trade, give, or donate a fur product anywhere in the state. Anyone caught in violation of the law would be charged a $500 fine and may incur civil penalties as well. California would be the very first state in the country to pass such a law. State Assemblymember Laura Friedman is pushing for a statewide ban after successful bans have been placed in Hollywood, Berkeley, and San Francisco. The Los Angeles City Council is also taking steps to put a fur ban in place sometime in 2020.

About 3 million minks are killed for their fur every year in the United States, not including rabbits, foxes, and other animals. Animals who are bred for their fur live lonely and painful lives in cramped cages with little to no veterinary care until they are killed and skinned. Although the fur industry has put regulations in place to limit the suffering of animals being raised on fur farms, these regulations are difficult to enforce and maintain. The answer is to stop buying and selling fur.  You can make a difference by being a compassionate consumer. Do not purchase clothing made from animal skin or fur and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Take Action:       California residents, contact your state assemblymembers and ask them to support the statewide fur ban! Not a Californian? Click here to find your local representatives and ask them to promote a fur ban in your state!

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