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Warm Weather Reminders

May 14th, 2021

Summer is just around the corner, and with summer heat comes extra responsibility for animal lovers like us. Sadly, hundreds of animals die in hot cars every year while waiting for their owners to return from the supermarket, the post office, or the shopping mall. While running a short errand may seem harmless to us, a ten- […]

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Take the Dog Body Language Quiz: Do You Know the Signs?

April 28th, 2021

Dear Friend of Animals, April 11th-17th is Dog Bite Prevention Week. Did you know that many dog bites occur when people ignore the warning signs and cues that dogs give us through their behaviors and body language? Unfortunately, most humans overlook or misinterpret what a dog is trying to communicate, often leaving us unaware when a […]

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April Humane Dates

March 26th, 2021

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Puppy & Kitten Survival Tips

March 13th, 2021

Puppy breath, kitten mews, bursts of playtime, and cuddling sessions are the many joys one can expect when choosing to adopt a puppy or kitten. Being a new pet parent to an adorable bundle of fur is an exciting adventure, but it can also be an exhausting one. Before taking the plunge, consider pet-sitting for […]

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The Iditarod Loses a Primary Sponsor for 2021

February 3rd, 2021

The Iditarod (a 1,000-mile grueling race in Alaska) will be held on March 6, 2021. This controversial race has been going on for decades. In the past, sled dogs were vital for survival in the vast Alaskan wilderness until the invention of the “iron dog” or snowmobile. In an effort to keep this part of […]

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