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Cat Declawing Is Banned in Madison, WI - National Humane Education Society

December 7, 2021

Paws Up!

To the Madison City Common Council for passing File No. 67344 to protect the well-being of felines by banning the cruel practice of declawing.

Do you share your life with a feline friend? If you do, then you have experienced the comfort of rhythmic purring sessions, loving head bumps, 3 am zoomies or love bites. Many feline owners have been on the tail end of their beloved companion’s needle-like appendages at one time or another. This painful encounter leads some to declaw their felines to preserve furniture, other household items or protect themselves. In comparison, some feline owners choose to declaw because they grew up in a family with declawed felines and are continuing. Whatever the reasoning, the reality is their decision inflicts unnecessary pain on their feline and may affect their quality of life.

Declawing is the amputation of the first joint of a feline’s phalange. (It is similar to having the first part of your finger amputated.) During the healing process, felines may compensate for the pain experienced by walking on their toes and avoiding the litter box, which may lead to unwanted elimination behaviors. Once the amputation site has healed, they may also suffer from neurological behaviors. Not all felines are the same, and some may recover 100% from this surgery, while others are changed forever. Is subjecting your feline to pain worth the risk to preserve an object?

Some veterinary practices still perform this controversial procedure banned in many European countries. Thankfully, laws are gaining ground in the United States to prohibit declawing because of the pain it inflicts. According to a recent news article, city officials in Madison, Wisconsin, have introduced an ordinance to protect felines and help keep their claws intact. Council members voted to pass the ordinance at their meeting on December 7th. Legislators in New York, Austin, Texas, and Pittsburgh, PA, passed similar laws to protect the well-being of felines. Hopefully, more cities and states will join the effort to prohibit declawing.

Take Action: If you live in the city of Madison, Wisconsin, please show your support for File #67344 to protect felines and their claws by thanking your council member today!

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3 responses to “Cat Declawing Is Banned in Madison, WI”

  1. Kimberly Ferrell says:

    I live in Mobile,AL. I don’t believe in cats being declawed. I think that it is a cruel and unnecessary procedure that does need to be banned everywhere. I personally will never have a cat declawed. I strongly disagree with having that done to an animal. Cats have claws,that’s how they were born. That’s how they should stay. Anyone that isn’t prepared to deal with that shouldn’t get a cat.

  2. Elizabeth. Cuellar says:

    Thanks for protecting all the Cats from this horrible procedure.
    This is just a useless Cruel thing to do to these precious Cats.

  3. Melody L Kysiak says:

    I agree think that declawing the cats is cruel!! I believe it should be banned also!

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