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Request Humane Education Materials

Maximum of 25 Brochures Per Title (no maximum on free downloads)
$5.95 to ship up to 50 brochures
$12.65 to ship 51 to 450 brochures
$17.90 to ship 451 to 525 

“Teaching Kindness” A Handbook for Offering Humane Education Programs*
Maximum of 5 handbooks per order
$3.25 ea.

$10.00 to ship up to 50 posters
$17.90 to ship 51 to 100 posters
$25.00 to ship 101 to 200 posters

*Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and shipping of all materials.

“Focus on the Animals” Video Library

Focus on Animals is a our film library program that connects you with eye-opening humane education films for youth and adults. Through this vital program, NHES offers several films for loan, free of charge, and covering a wide range of issues. Some of our video borrowers include fellow humane educators, teachers, social workers, and animal welfare workers.

To start borrowing, read our FOA program guidelines, and complete and email your FOA Member Agreement Form to along with the names of the titles you’d like to borrow.

Already a borrower? Email with the title of the video you would like to borrow.

Choose the below links to review available film titles.

FOA Films for Children and Adolescents

FOA Films for Adults


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