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Get Youth Involved in Animal Welfare

Over the past generation, enormous strides have been made to improve the lives of animals in America.

Shelter euthanasia has been decreasing, feral cat management has become more common place, and more communities are passing laws to combat dog chaining, the horrors of puppy mills and other threats to animals. To continue this progress, we must involve America’s future pet owners – Americans who are now in elementary school.

Helping them understand animal neglect and abuse, the basics of humane care including spaying and neutering as well as the importance of pet adoption and other lessons will enable them to build on the humane accomplishments of previous generations.  

If you have children in your life, help them understand that animals have emotional lives and a need for friendship just like humans. To help facilitate this understanding, consider having your children accompany you to your animal’s next veterinary appointment, involve them in the care of your animals at home, and take them to tour an animal adoption facility like The Briggs Animal Adoption Center.

Want to do even more? Learn about NHES’ free humane education programs here

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