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Paws Up! Hawaii Bans Exotic Animals in Circuses

Paws Up! To Hawaii Governor David Ige for banning the importation of animals used for circus acts.

December 28, 2018

Just a week after New Jersey became the first state to outlaw the exploitation of exotic animals in circuses, Hawaii has also followed suit. On Friday, December 21, Hawaii Governor Ige signed an administrative rule which will prohibit the importation of exotic animals used for circus entertainment, including lions, primates, tigers, bears, wolves, elephants, rhinoceroses, and many more. This landmark decision came after the Hawaii Board of Agriculture proposed to amend the state’s animal importation laws in September 2018 to include wild animals that could cause dangerous risks to other animals and the public.

Because circus animals must constantly travel from city to city to perform for crowds, they are forced to live in small enclosures and endure physical and emotional abuse while being trained to do tricks for entertainment. Not only is this an inhumane way of life, but these stressful conditions can eventually cause animals to try to escape or defend themselves in large crowds of people which have devastating effects on the animals and the public.

Circus animals may appear to have exciting lives while on stage, but they spend the majority of their days in cramped enclosures while being transported from show to show.

Take Action: Take a moment to thank Governor Ige for keeping animals out of the circus industry! Click here to send him a message. Want to make a change in your state? Contact your state representatives and senators and ask them to support legislation that outlaws the inhumane treatment of animals in circus acts!

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