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There is something about puppies and kittens that can bring smiles and joy to the cloudiest of days. Their cuteness factor is undeniable. Their capacity to help bring calm in the midst of stress is proven and much needed in a world surrounded by busyness. The downside to puppies and kittens is when their cute faces blind people into forgetting the amount of time and work involved in caring for them. This sad reality results in some ending up in shelters and possibly being euthanized because individuals forgot this important factor.


Today, the number of homeless animals still far exceeds the number of shelters or rescue groups available to care for them. In the past, the euthanasia of healthy animals to make room for more was, sadly, commonplace by shelters as the only feasible solution to this ever-growing problem. Now, as society has evolved the humane solution of spaying and neutering companion animals is gaining ground. This vital surgery is the key to ending pet overpopulation. 


If you are a new puppy or kitten parent, please consider spaying or neutering him or her. This surgery will help prevent reproductive cancers, and possible roaming in male animals. Contact your veterinarian to find out the requirements for your pet to get spayed or neutered.

Low-cost spay and neuter programs are becoming more common and may be available in your area. If you live in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, Central Maryland, and Northern Virginia, please contact Spay Today. Help decrease pet homelessness by supporting spay and neuter programs in your area to create a more humane world.

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