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Horse and Dog Racing

There are no winners on horse and dog tracks. From birth to “retirement,” animals in racing operations are beasts of burden to the gambling industry. No part of animal racing serves the best interest of animal competitors.

Horse Racing

  • Racehorses aren’t just born; they are bred. The parents of thoroughbreds born to race were often racehorses themselves. However, that does not morgue_horseraceguarantee a winner will be born. Foals who do not show promise as racehorses face uncertain futures.
  • Thoroughbreds are bred for slight, lightweight bones.The delicate bones in the legs render horses vulnerable to broken bones on the track.
  • In 2008, the mare Eight Bells came in second in the 134th Kentucky Derby, but stumbled as she crossed the finish line. She collapsed on the track, fracturing the small bones in her ankle. In an instant, the injury rendered her useless to the racing industry. She was not treated, but killed on the track.
  • Although illegal, many racehorses compete under heavy painkillers. This allows the horses to continue running unencumbered, unaware of the damage being done to their bodies.
  • The career of racehorse seldom exceeds six years. Lucky retired horses may be rescued. Others are used as breeding stock, but many are outright killed at the end of their careers, or sold to glue or meat farms out of the country.

Greyhound Racing

  • Greyhound racing is illegal in 39 states.
  • Racing greyhounds have no families. They are leased or owned by a kennel who contracts with commercial racetracks.Keep the good news coming, look into adopting a retired greyhound!
  • Racing greyhounds spend most of their non-racing time confined to small crates, devoid of opportunities to play with toys, socialize, or receive obedience training.
  • Rabbits are still used as lures to train greyhounds.
  • The careers of racing greyhounds last only a few years. After dogs can no longer race, a few lucky ones find adoptive homes. Many are destroyed outright, their bodies left on vacant land. Many abandoned bodies are found with one ear removed, as an identifying tattoo on the ear could indicate their identities, and former manager, to law enforcement

Stop Horse and Greyhound Racing

  • Never attend a horse or greyhound race, or any activity that combines animals and gambling.
  • Support legislation to ban animal racing in your state.
  • Consider adopting a retired thoroughbred or greyhound.
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