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KITTEN Act Gaining Support in House of Representatives

Paws Up!
August 30, 2018

To Representative Mike Bishop (R-MI) for introducing H.R. 5780 the Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now Act, or KITTEN Act, which will prohibit the breeding and use of cats in scientific experiments that cause pain and suffering.

Every year, over 100 million animals are killed in laboratories across the United States for the purpose of scientific research.  According to an article in the Detroit News, a government laboratory in Beltsville, MD, was breeding kittens in order to conduct painful scientific experiments on them. After the data was collected, the kittens, who were sick but able to be treated and adopted, were euthanized and incinerated instead.

Congressman Mike Bishop has had enough of the blatant disregard for animal welfare in the science community and has introduced a new bill, the Kittens in Traumatic Testing Ends Now Act (H.R. 5780), in the House of Representatives. This bill would ban the use of cats in scientific research that causes pain or trauma to the animal. It would also prohibit breeding cats for this purpose. Not only did this scientific study cause the deaths of over 200 kittens, it also cost the taxpayers over $600,000 per year to fund. This bill has already gained the support of forty-four representatives in the few short months it has been in the House. With your help, we can surely gain more traction!

Take Action: U.S. residents, contact your representatives and urge them to support Rep. Mike Bishop’s KITTEN Act. Feel free to use NHES’ example letter below.

{Representative’s Name}
City, State, Zip

                                                                                     RE:  H.R. 5780 the “KITTEN” Act

Dear {Representative’s Name},

My name is {Your Name}, and I am writing to encourage you to support the Kittens In Traumatic Testing Ends Now Act—a bipartisan bill to ban the use of cats in painful scientific experiments. As compassionate citizens, it is our duty to protect the welfare of animals who are needlessly tortured in cruel experiments on a daily basis. This bill would prohibit the breeding and use of cats in scientific studies that would cause pain and trauma. Not only are these experiments inhumane, but they are also expensive, costing the taxpayers over $600,000 every year. Please, support H.R. 5780 and other legislation that help protect the welfare of animals and that allocate tax payer dollars to more humane research.


{Your Name}
{Your Address}

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One response to “KITTEN Act Gaining Support in House of Representatives”

  1. Patricia Irvin says:

    This is a no-brainer; an easy shot for an accolade.Just do it!

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