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New Jersey Becomes First State to Ban Use of Animals in Circuses

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To New Jersey Governor Murphy for signing “Nosey’s Law” which prohibits the exploitation of animals in circus acts.

Elephants in circuses are often subjected to physical abuse during exhaustive training sessions in order to entertain audiences.

December 21, 2018

Now living safely and happily in an animal sanctuary in Tennessee, Nosey is an elephant who endured horrific conditions for years while in the care of The Great American Family Circus. Nosey was subjected to physical abuse during rigorous circus training, and she was also chained tightly in an enclosure while having to stand in her own feces. These conditions are wildly inhumane, but unfortunately they are very commonly found in traveling circus companies. While federal entities such as the USDA and the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) are responsible for enforcing animal welfare laws, it is difficult to monitor traveling circuses due to their constantly changing locations and schedules.

Elephants are highly intelligent and emotional animals who thrive in herds in their natural habitats.

The New Jersey legislature decided in October 2018 that enough was enough and voted on “Nosey’s Law”, which bans the use of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows such as circuses. Just this week, Governor Phil Murphy made it official by signing “Nosey’s Law” and making New Jersey the first state to have such a ban in place.

Take Action: New Jersey residents, take a moment to thank Governor Murphy for signing “Nosey’s Law” and for taking a big step toward a more humane world. Click here to send the governor a comment.

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