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Paws for Kindness–Virtual Summer Series

Join our humane educators for a “Paws for Kindness” summer video series. These videos will cover pet adoption, kindness towards animals, pet needs, safety, and so more through storytime, one-on-one time with one of BAAC’s furry residents, and interactive games!

Episode 1–Watch a video of Lilly and hear a story about a dog who was rescued. How was Lilly’s story similar? Play our game.

Episode 2–Watch a video of Avis to learn about dog body language, and the steps to follow to meet a new dog safely. Listen to a story about a rescued cat. Play our game to see if you can read Bo’s body language.

Episode 3–Watch a video to learn all of the things dogs need to be happy and healthy. A family is looking for a dog! Find out who they adopt in Pick a Pup by Marsha Wilson Chall. Do you remember what dogs need? Play our memory game.

Episode 4Learn why dogs need SHADE to stay safe and cool while we bake some awesome treats! Watch the kittens play, and read Puppy Love Promises with us! Play our word search game after the story!

Episode 5– Watch huskies teach a puppy how to play in the pool! Make frozen dog treats, and stay til the end to read A Groomer Gets Ready to find out what dog groomers do at work! Take the What Would You Do Quiz here!

Episode 6– The cats have taken over! Listen to a felinetastic story, find out what the cats are up to at NHES’ animal rescue, and make your very own cat toy. Have a puzzlin’ good time with these felines!

Episode 7– What animal career fits you best? Follow along to this fun quiz to find out! Stick around to meet Ruby, the sweetest three-legged feline you will ever meet!

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