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Protect Your Dog from Ticks

Ticks that carry Lyme Disease (mainly deer ticks) are prevalent in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and surrounding counties, especially between the months of March–September. 

Any time you walk your dog through tall grass or wooded/marshy areas, it is a good idea to check them for ticks. If they spend a lot of time outside every day, get in the habit of doing a daily tick check!

After your walk, check your dog’s eyes, ears, and tail, as well as under their legs and collar. If you find a tick that is already attached to your dog’s skin, make sure to remove it properly. Click here for the CDC’s steps on safely removing a tick. 

If you find a tick on your dog, make an appointment with your veterinarian right away. Your dog may need antibiotics and further medical evaluation. Do not delay–left untreated, Lyme Disease could have devastating effects on your pup’s health, and could eventually lead to organ failure.

The best way to stop Lyme Disease is to prevent it! Talk to your veterinarian about safe and effective tick preventative treatments for your dog.

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