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September 26, 2014  ← Date of Correspondence 


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Dear Commissioner Suarez,  ← Always use proper forms of address.

My name is Jane Doe and as a Miami resident, I am writing to express support of your efforts to pass a six – month moratorium on the retail sale of puppies and kittens in the city of Miami.  ← Use first paragraph to briefly identify yourself and your purpose for writing.

Puppy mills around the country operate with an unacceptable degree of impunity. Pet stores purchasing animals from inhumane breeding operations are complicit in causing harm to animals, pet owners, and taxpayers. Puppy mills and the retailers that keep them in business cause horrific suffering to the animals they profit from. The sale of these animals  goes on to cause heartbreak to pet owners who purchase unhealthy animals, and a burden to the tax-funded animal shelters that ultimately assume responsibility for the unwanted puppies and kittens.  ← Use second paragraph to explain why you think the action should be taken/should not be taken.

I commend you and your fellow commissioners for coming together to pass a temporary moratorium on retail puppy and kitten sales in Miami and urge approval of a permanent ban in the near future. ← Use third paragraph to call recipient to action.



Jane Doe


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