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What Teachers Are Saying About Our Program


Excellent program! One of the best we have ever had.” –Lori Akers, teacher at Fairview Elementary in PennsylvaniamS. cINDY bUTCHER

“The educators have a wonderful child-friendly presentation that addresses not only kindness but ways to stay safe when first meeting an animal. They also explore the many different career choices one can make that help animals. The educators elicit lively discussions, and have a variety of props used by class participants to enhance their teachings. The students and staff loved it! I highly recommend other schools and programs serving youth to take advantage of this event!” -Mary Brittingham, school counselor at Blue Ridge Elementary in West Virginia

“[The Humane Educators] were wonderful presenters. They engaged with students and shared their enthusiasm about working with and caring for animals. The presentation was informative while also being fun for the students and very interactive. I would definitely recommend this program to other schools.” -Catherine Reide, administrator at Josiah Quincy Elementary in Massachusetts

This is a great program and a TERRIFIC message! Keep up the good work!” –Michael Hagen, teacher at Bryant Elementary in Michigan

“I love that you are teaching kids about appropriate practices with dogs and other animals. I am so thankful for my rescue dog and appreciate you advocating for them. You are amazing!” -Mandy Tuminello, teacher at Highland Elementary in Louisiana

Loved the participation of students — you did a great job keeping the students interested and involved!” –Lee Ann Rager, guidance counselor at Fairview Elementary in Pennsylvania

“I was extremely impressed by your presentation and how engaged the students were in what you were telling them. These days it is not easy to capture the prolonged attention of our children, and I thought you did a fine job.” -Ms. Lynn Vaughn, substitute teacher at C.W. Shipley Elementary in West Virginia
“Amazing! Loved the program and the ladies did a terrific job!” -Heather McCool, teacher at Potomack Intermediate School in West Virginia       
Today, Romano the puppy visited Driswood Elementary and she brought many smiles to the faces of our first grade and special needs students! I wanted to thank you personally for your commitment to the animals in our community who need homes and care. Thank you for sharing your program with our students!” -Kelly Osborne, principal at Driswood Elementary in West Virginia

“Very enthusiastic. Involved students with a lot of questions and things to think about. Lots of good information.” –Anon., teacher at Catawba Trail Elementary in South Carolina

“Great job; I loved the student involvement! Everything was on a child’s level and I think they really enjoyed the program.” –Jessica Nash, teacher at Catawba Trail Elementary in South Carolina

Untitled design(3)“The students were so engaged with the program and learned so much about kindness to animals!” –Janice Richardson, teacher at Garfield Elementary in Louisiana

Wonderful program! Kids really enjoyed Buddy‘s story.” -Danielle Snyder, teacher at Catawba Trail Elementary in South Carolina

“[The activities] were so much fun and very educational for our members and our families. Thanks for everything!” -Carrie Bear, cheerleading coach at Hedgesville Middle School in West Virginia

“Great program! I loved how much the students got to participate!” -Jennifer Petty, teacher at Highland Elementary in Louisiana

“Very age appropriate and informative. The question and answer was a good way to get to know Archie [therapy dog].” -Coach Tom, Highland Elementary in Louisiana

 “I really enjoyed your visit – with our only request that you stay longer! 🙂 (sic) The kids had fun meeting the dog and the lesson was age-appropriate. Thank you for providing this animal class to our students!” –Brandy Allenger, teacher at South Jefferson Elementary in West Virginia

“The students were interested and excited at all times during the presentation and our teachers valued the content. Students enjoyed  dressing up and finding out what career they represented! The timing was perfect. Receiving the educational materials more than a week in advance was awesome. We are looking foward to having your organization coming back to PAFA next academic school year.Thank you for the piece of art that your organization donated to our school. It meant a lot to our administrators, our teachers and students. All the information mentioned above will be used on our application to become a 5 STARS School.” -Brenda Dejusus, school counselor at Poinciana Academy of Fine Arts in Florida

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