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Young Adult

kids_can_help_animals  50 Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals by Ingrid Newkirk
Warner Books, 2006
This modern book gives kids so many ideas of how they can help animals whether they are companions, wildlife, used in research, farmed, or used in entertainment. The book is perfect for young adults as it is not in-your-face and is a fun read.
Nonfiction, Animal Welfare
 animal_rights Animal Rights, edited by William Dudley
Greenhaven Press, 2006
In this book, readers are presented with pro/con articles that encourage critical thinking. Features of the book that help students process the information include questions regarding the authors’ credibility, research, and argumentation techniques. Focus boxes at the end of each viewpoint ask students to asses and compare opposing
Nonfiction, Animal Rights
 Animal_welfare Animal Welfare (Face the Facts) by Bel Browning
Raintree, 2003
This book offers an informative perspective about animal rights and welfare issues. The first section introduces the reader to how relationships between humans and animals vary across cultures and throughout history. The middle of the book offers a comprehensive overview of many issues that relate to the use of animals, including medical research, sport and entertainment, and food. The book also examines how these uses affect the animals and what alternatives are being explored. The last section of the book looks forward into the future of animal welfare laws.
Nonfiction, Animal Rights
 being_a_vegan Everything You Need to Know About Being a Vegan by Stefanie Iris Weiss
The Rosen Publishing Group, 2000
This book breaks down how to be a vegan in simpler terms for the young adult. It is very informative and goes into animal welfare issues of farmed animals without getting graphic. It’s up-to-date except for some dated pop culture references.
Nonfiction, Veganism
 flashpoint Flashpoint by Sneed B. Pollard III
Peachtree Publishing, 2006
Fantastic book about a teen boy who volunteers at a raptor rehabilitation center and starts an animal welfare club at his school. Later he attempts to save animals from mysterious wildfires occurring in his town.
Nonfiction, Wild Animals
 hoot Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
Yearling, 2002
This New York Times best seller highlights the many predicaments encountered by Roy and his quirky friends in Coconut Cove, FL. Among Roy’s daily battles is one with a neighborhood bully, as well as finding himself entangled in a fight to stop the destruction of an owl habitat by Mother Paula’s Pancake House. This novel is quite a hoot, and demonstrates a sense of courage and morality among middle school warriors.
Wildlife, Fiction
 jaguar Jaguar by Roland Smith
Hyperion, 1997
When Jacob Lansa travels to Brazil to help his father create a jaguar preserve, he finds himself deep in the Amazon, battling the elements and struggling to survive the attacks of those that are determined to stop the preserve.
Fiction, Wild Animals
 kingfisher_tale Kingfisher’s Tale, The by Mark Delaney
Peachtree Publishing, 2000
When friends Peter, Byte, Jake, and Mattie explore a forest near Byte’s family cabin, they find several dead kingfisher birds near a mountain stream. Soon these four teens find themselves in the middle of an ecological mystery and political scandal.
Nonfiction, Wild Animals
 last_wild_place Last Wild Place, The by Rosa Jordan
Peachtree Publishing, 2008
Chip Martin is a 12-year-old boy who discovers that a family of Florida panthers is living in an abandoned farm near his home. When Chip learns the farm is to be demolished to make room for a meat packing plant, he is determined to find a way to protect the panthers.
Fiction, Wild Animals
 minnys_dream Minny’s Dream by Clare Druce
Nightingale Books, 2004
Paula is a girl who moves from the city to country only to discover that the animals in the farm next door are forced to live in gloomy, smelly sheds. She acts quickly to save the animals and to stand up for their welfare.
Fiction, Farmed Animals
 spadefoot_toads Night of the Spadefoot Toads by Bill Harley
Peachtree Publishing, 2008
When Ben Moroney moves with his family from Arizona to Massachusetts, he finds a friend in Mrs. Tibbets, a science teacher who introduces Ben to elusive spadefoot toads living on her property. When Ben learns that Mrs. Tibbets’ land is to be sold to developers, he tries to come up with a way to save Mrs. Tibbets’ land and the toads who live on it.
Nonfiction, Wild Animals
 saving_emily Saving Emily by Nicholas Read
Prometheus Books, 2001
When Chris moves to the country, he and his new friend Gina befriend a heifer named Emily. Soon they learn the cruel realities that Emily has to deal with: branding, livestock auctions, and confined feedlots. Together Chris and Gina go on a life-and-death mission to rescue Emily.
Fiction, Farmed Animals


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