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75 PAWS Monthly Giving

Will You Help Us Complete Our Challenge?

In honor of our upcoming 75th anniversary year, will you consider joining a special group of supporters, Partners in Animal Welfare (PAWS), with a recurring monthly donation of $7.50 or more for our 75 PAWS Monthly Giving Challenge?

We are seeking 75 new monthly donors by January 1, 2023, the start of our 75th anniversary year.  And, if we meet this goal, $7,500 in matching funds will be released by another kind and generous donor.

Why Should You Donate to Our 75 PAWS Monthly Giving Challenge?

75 PAWS Monthly Giving Challenge Will Help Pups Like Heidi!

In a few shorts months, The National Humane Education Society (NHES) will begin our 75th year of “fostering a sentiment of kindness to animals…” including:

  • 75 years of educating children and adults about the plight of homeless animals and the action steps that each of us can take to help create a more humane world for our animal friends.
  • 75 years of rescuing neglected and abused cats and dogs, nursing them back to health and providing them with all the time they need to heal their wounded bodies and spirits.
  • 75 years of spaying and neutering—the humane solution—to decreasing the number of homeless animals in our world.
  • 75 years of placing—once neglected and abused—cats and dogs in quality adoptive homes with people who are willing to make lifelong commitments to these precious companions.
Heidi; when we rescued her

For as little as $7.50 a month—just about 25 cents a day—you will help change a homeless animal’s life for the better.

Animals like Heidi who was starving to death when she arrived at our door.

Heidi; after living at BAAC and 30 lbs heavier!

When animals like Heidi come to us, we must be there every step of the way. We must be  there until they are healed. We must be there until we find them a loving forever home.

Thank you for all you can do to help protect and care for neglected and abused animals like Heidi—and give a second chance to thousands of others.

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