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Animal Cruelty

Animal cruelty manifests in many forms. From the child who throws rocks at a cat, to the backyard breeder who churns out puppies for cash, to the circus trainer who beats and prods an elephant performer, animal cruelty is pervasive in modern society. By being able to identify animal cruelty, we can be better advocates to animals.

Understanding and Reporting Companion Animal Abuse
Companion animal abuse takes many different forms, and can be caused by a multitude of contributing factors.

Puppy Mills
Puppy mills exist for one reason and one reason only—greed.

Animal Hoarding
Animal hoarding describes a situation in which an individual acquires more animals than can be adequately cared for in a safe environment.

Canine Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery for dogs is not only completely unnecessary, but can be harmful.

The Dangers of Dog Chaining
Dog chaining poses serious risks to dogs’ physical and psychological well-being.

Breed Manipulation
For centuries, humans have selectively bred dogs to bring about certain desired traits.

Declawing and Debarking
All surgeries pose risks and if not pain, some degree of discomfort. Complications can occur. Mistakes can happen. Therefore, any surgery that is unnecessary should be avoided.

Animals in Film and Television
Though the average American has seen hundreds of films and televisions shows in his or lifetime, most would have difficulty naming a film or show that does not feature an animal.

Horse and Dog Racing
There are no winners on horse and dog tracks.

Animal Fighting
Animal fighting has existed across the globe in many forms for centuries. Unfortunately, this callous and brutal form of entertainment still plagues the United States in modern times.

Bullfighting, considered a tradition in Spain, Portugal, and several Latin American countries, involves the ritual killing of one or more bulls in a bullring.

Sport Hunting
According to a survey done by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, approximately 15% of the U.S. population hunts.

Circuses and Road Shows
Meant to entertain, circuses often mean suffering, pain, fear, and degradation for the animals who are forced to perform day after day.

Images of a cowboy on horseback riding the range come to mind when we hear the word “rodeo.”

Horse Slaughter
Horses are majestic, powerful beings that have played an important role in American culture from transportation, to work, to play.

Exotic Pet Trade
As with other parts of the world, exotic pets remain popular in the United States.

Fur Trapping and Fur Farming
Millions of animals are trapped and killed each year for their skins and fur.

Breed Bans
Why are some dog breeds perceived as “man’s best friend” and others as man’s worst enemy?


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