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Humane Education Lesson Plans

A good humane education lesson plan is simple to understand. It has a clear goal and objectives to help the leader know when the goal of the lesson has been met. Every NHES lesson plan includes a material list and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the activity from start to finish. Many of the lesson plans will also help youth build skills in reading comprehension, basic math, art, and science. If you are a teacher, parent, scout leader, camp counselor, or any professional who works with youth — we encourage you to try these free lesson plans.

A Parked Car Is An Oven
Students use a line graph in this activity that teaches the dangers of leaving an animal in a parked car.

Adoptable Artwork
Students create color portraits of adoptable dogs and cats at local animal shelters to display in the school or in their community.

Animal Career Dress Up
Students wear the uniforms of various animal professionals to learn how veterinarians, animal control officers, and others help animals for their jobs.

Dogs And Cats Of The World
Students research global geography and world history to learn about the origins of their favorite dog and cat breeds.

Build a Bird Nest
Students learn the science behind nesting birds and use craft supplies to construct their own bird nests.

Paper Plate Habitat
Students learn the four components of a habitat by building a habitat for a chosen wild animal species.

Humane Skits
Students perform skits to learn and teach others about what to do in common situations involving companion animals.

Race for Safety
Students learn about some of the human foods and medicines that are toxic to animals, and what to do if they think a pet has ingested a toxin.

A fun physical game to help students master animal vocabulary.

Humane Quotes
This activity uses quotes from famous people as a means to prompt discussion about compassion.

How To Strike A Match
A mix-and-match card game in which students match fictional shelter dogs with compatible owners.

Dog Bite Prevention Role-Play
Students role-play what to do in common situations involving nervous or protective dogs.

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