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Pregnant Mare Urine (PMU) Drugs

Horses are highly sentient animals and deserve to live a natural life.

Horses are highly sentient animals and deserve to live a natural life.

Pregnant mare urine (PMU) is one of the key ingredients in a vast majority of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) drugs, such as Premarin® and PremPro®. Thankfully the demand for PMU drugs has decreased due to a study by the Women’s Initiative Health (WIH) that showed an increased risk for a stroke, heart attack, or breast cancer. The decrease does not save the mares who are still imprisoned in PMU farms.

Life of a Premarin Horse

  • They are impregnated continually.
  • They live their lives imprisoned in a pen typically 3½’ wide by 8’ long.
  • Rubber collection bags are affixed between their legs causing painful lesions and infections.
  • They are kept dehydrated to produce the most profitable, concentrated urine.
  • They are sent to slaughter when they can no longer get pregnant.

What Happens to the Foals after Birth?

  • Female foals are often kept on PMU farms to replace their mothers where they are used and then go to slaughter.
  • Male foals are useless to the trade and may be sold at auction or sent to slaughterhouses.

Take Action to Help End the Misery of PMU Horses

  • Talk to your sisters in menopause and let them know of your decision to reject HRT or osteoporosis drugs made from pregnant mare urine.
  • Adopt a PMU foal or adult horse if you have the knowledge and means to care for one.
  • If you are taking HRT or medication for osteoporosis, determine if the drug is developed using PMU. If so, ask your physician about alternatives.
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