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Children’s Books–Birds

Always Blue for Chicu by Karen Dugan
The Gryphon Press, 2010
This book tells the journey of a parrot who is taken from the wild and sold as a pet. He gets tossed from one home to the next and finally ends up exactly where he should be.
Birds, Exotic Pets, Wildlife

Flamingo Sunset by Jonathan London
Marshall Cavendish Corp, 2008
Flamingo Sunset focuses on one flamingo family and explains how the birds care for their young. Beautiful pictures help tell the story vividly and realistically.
Animal Families, Birds, Wildlife

Little Swan by Jonathan London
Marshall Cavendish Corp, 2009
Ko-hoh and his siblings must learn to swim, feed, and fly. With the help of his parents, he becomes a beautiful, grown swan.
Animal Families, Birds, Wildlife

Lucky: Based on a True Story by Monica Engebretson
The Avian Welfare Coalition, 2009
Lucky, a wild rainbow lorikeet is captured to be a pet. With the help of a young Indonesian boy, Lucky finally regains freedom.
Birds, Exotic Pets, Wildlife

Osprey Adventure by Jennifer Keats Curtis
Tidewater Publishers, 2007
A wonderful true story of how a boy and his father (Pete McGowan, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Biologist) save ospreys’ lives. The story teaches children not to throw trash or fishing line on the beach because it can get in the ospreys’ nests and injure them.
Animal Families, Birds, Environment, Wild Rescues, Wildlife

Place For Birds, A by Melissa Stewart
Peachtree Publishers, 2009
This beautifully illustrated and informative book teaches readers the importance of birds to our ecosystem, offering several examples of things we can do to help support these creatures.
Birds, Environment, Wildlife, Sustainability

Urban Roosts: Where Birds Nest in the City by Barbara Bash
Little, Brown and Company, 1990
Thirteen different species of birds have adapted to living in cities across the country. From pigeons to owls, Bash gives detailed descriptions of the birds and the places in the city they call home. Wonderful illustrations depict exactly where birds are found in the city.
Backyard Animals, Birds, Wildlife

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