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Puppy & Kitten Survival Tips

Puppy breath, kitten mews, bursts of playtime, and cuddling sessions are the many joys one can expect when choosing to adopt a puppy or kitten. Being a new pet parent to an adorable bundle of fur is an exciting adventure, but it can also be an exhausting one. Before taking the plunge, consider pet-sitting for someone who has a puppy or kitten to decide if the time is right to bring home a furbaby. If the answer is yes, here are some helpful things to remember to survive the puppy and kitten stages–prepare, patience, and play.


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Puppy & Kitten Teething Survival Tips

If you just adopted a puppy or kitten, then you are in for many smiles. One thing you may not be ready for is the “teething” stage. This can be a frustrating and uncomfortable time for you and your puppy or kitten, but don’t let that keep you from bonding with your new companion. Remember, it won’t last forever. By the time your puppy or kitten reaches six months of age, his or her adult teeth should be in and your appendages will be safe from your furry one’s mouth. Remembering TREAT will help you get through this painful stage.
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