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California Now Requires Pet Stores to Source Their Animals from Shelters

Paws Up! To the State of California for requiring pet stores to sell animals from shelters and rescues rather than commercial breeding facilities.

January 12, 2019

To help combat the inhumane practices of puppy mills, the state of California has passed a law that now requires all pet stores in the state to source all of their dogs, cats, and rabbits from rescues and shelters only. The pet stores will also be required to keep records of where the animals they sell were purchased or sourced.

Infamous for their disregard for animal welfare in exchange for higher profits, commercial breeding facilities such as puppy mills and kitten factories have a long history of perpetuating animal cruelty. In order to cut back operation costs, many puppy mills keep dogs in stacked crates, forcing the animals to live in their own filth. The females are forced to breed every time they are in heat, causing health problems for the mothers while they gives birth to smaller and smaller litters until they cannot breed anymore. Many puppy mills also do not keep the facilities climate-controlled, leading to more unnecessary deaths due to bitter cold in winter and stifling heat in summer.

Most of the animals bred in these facilities are sold to pet stores all around the country, unbeknownst to many of their customers who are just looking for cute kittens, puppies, and rabbits to take home. That is why California has had enough. This new law, which went into effect on January 1st, requires pet stores to stop supporting commercial breeding and start supporting animal shelters and rescues instead.

Take Action: Take a moment to thank the Governor of California for making life a little easier for the cats, dogs, and rabbits waiting for their forever homes in California!

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One response to “California Now Requires Pet Stores to Source Their Animals from Shelters”

  1. Tonya Morrison says:

    Thank you for doing the humane thing!

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