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Controversial Foie Gras May Have Met Its End In NYC

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November 6, 2019

To New York City Councilmember Carlina Rivera (D-District 2) for sponsoring Int. No. 1378 to ban the sale of force-fed poultry products.

UPDATE: Mayor Bill de Blasio signed this into law on 11/25/2019. Restaurants and grocers will have 3 years to comply.

New York City is the melting pot where visitors and residents can sample a variety of food from all over the world. Foie gras is one of those delicacies that originated in France. It has spurned a controversy with many—being loved by some and despised by others. In order to create this expensive dish, geese are force-fed corn through a feeding tube 2-3 times a day. Continually being fed in this manner produces the desirable fatty liver. To an observer of this process called gavage, it looks inhumane. Owners of foie gras farms beg to differ, claiming that gavage is not painful or uncomfortable for the geese due to the lack of gag reflexes. The question remains—If pain is not being inflicted, is it okay to create an unnatural feeding habit in any animal to satisfy a human desire?

Foie gras may no longer be one of the dishes available in restaurants or grocery stores thanks to the support of New York City Lawmakers (42-6). This bill is waiting for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval. If passed, anyone found guilty of violating this law may face a fine up to $2,000.

Take Action: New York City residents, contact Mayor Bill de Blasio to show your support to ban foie gras.

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One response to “Controversial Foie Gras May Have Met Its End In NYC”

  1. Honk if you love Int. # 1378 banning the sale of force-fed poultry products in NYC !
    Honk Honk Honkety Honk honk Honky Honk Hooonk ! This is a big Flapping deal ! Thanks Mayor de Blasio, Carlina Rivera and all aye-ers !

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