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Dorchester Co., SC, Approves 2020 Puppy Mill Ordinance

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June 23, 2020

The Dorchester County Council for voting in favor of the 2020 Puppy Mill Ordinance.

Legislation to combat puppy mills, also known as commercial breeders, is an ongoing fight throughout the United States. These breeders are known for heartlessly allowing animals to suffer in deplorable conditions to satisfy demand and greed. Many unsuspecting consumers browse pet stores looking for their next companion, unaware of the hidden illnesses that will arise if they originated from a puppy mill.

In a recent news article, representatives of the Dorchester County Council in South Carolina have joined North Myrtle Beach’s decision to ban cats and dogs from being sold in pet stores with the unanimous approval of 2020 Puppy Mill Ordinance. This ordinance will prohibit pet stores from selling cats or dogs. Any pet store found in violation will have its license suspended.

Take Action: Dorchester County, S.C., residents contact your representative to show your support to help hinder puppy mills from prospering in your area. Other residents, please contact your legislator to show your support to help pass similar legislation.

Do Puppy Mills Have Licenses To Operate?
Shockingly, yes, some of them do have licenses through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

How Are Puppy Mills Allowed To Operate So Inhumanely?
Because the Animal Welfare Act’s standards of care are so low, and the USDA’s guidelines required to obtain a license are too.

Who Is Responsible For Inspecting Puppy Mills?
The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is responsible for inspecting the facilities. Sadly, many annual inspections are not performed due to limited staff.

How Can Puppy Mills Be Stopped?
Local and state lawmakers are passing legislation to prohibit pet stores from selling animals obtained from commercial breeders because the laws they have to follow are so weak.

Learn more about puppy mills and how you can help by downloading our free brochure!

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