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Feral Cat Program Approved in Othello, Washington

May 28, 2021

Paws Up!

To the city councilmembers in Othello, Washington, for supporting the humane act of decreasing feral cat colonies through trap, neuter, return (TNR).

Feral cats are viewed as a menace by some throughout the United States. The harsh reality is feral cats exist because of human negligence. When individuals forego the vital spay or neuter surgery and allow their cats to go outdoors, they contribute to the explosion of stray cats in their neighborhood. It’s like an avalanche. Female kittens can become pregnant as young as four months old and have 4-6 kittens. This cycle continues until someone chooses to make a difference by rescuing the cats or kittens that are adoptable and starting the process of trapping, neutering, and returning (TNR) the feral ones back to their colony. At times, this decision to humanely decrease stray cat colonies is met with opposition, but, thankfully, that opinion is changing.

According to a recent news article in Othello, Washington, city councilmembers approved an ordinance to help reduce the number of feral cats in their city through TNR. Compassionate individuals who take on the responsibility of caring for a feral cat colony will need to apply for a caretaker permit. This free permit alerts animal control to colony locations and comes with specific guidelines. All cats will be required to be spayed or neutered, ear-tipped, and receive the following vaccines: rabies and distemper. Caretakers will also need to get permission from property owners before feeding any feral cat. If violations occur, they may face a civil penalty.

Take Action: Othello, Washington, residents, please contact your councilmember and thank them for supporting TNR to help homeless cats.

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