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Governor Northam Signs the Humane Cosmetics Act to Ban Animal Testing for Cosmetics in Virginia

March 16, 2021

To Governor Northam for signing the Humane Cosmetics Act (House Bill 2250/Senate Bill 1379) to ban companies from using ingredients or selling cosmetics tested on animals in 2022.

What is your favorite brand of cosmetic? Do you know if it is cruelty-free? The controversy surrounding animal testing and its efficacy is continually being addressed to test household products, cosmetics, and other research purposes. This controversy has led researchers to find humane alternatives to animal testing. Some of these alternatives include in vitro methods that have been developed by EpiSkin, located in Lyon, France, to limit the need for animal testing for skin irritancy by using 3D models of human tissue. InVitro International, headquartered in Placentia, California, has developed testing for ocular and dermal toxicity through the Irritection® Assay System. These humane alternatives have proven to be accurate and cost-effective.

In response to many consumers’ desire for humane cosmetics, some companies are helping to end countless animal suffering through their cruelty-free products. The leaping bunny logo represents 100% cruelty-free. (No animal testing occurred during any part of the creation process.) Sadly, rabbits are often used to test toxicity levels in products through the horrific Draize test developed in the 1940s by John H. Draize. This test is performed on a rabbit’s eye or skin to test for adverse reactions over a short period of time. Rabbits endure extreme pain during this process. Why should these sentient creatures have to suffer for the price of beauty? Will you choose to be a compassionate shopper and purchase cosmetics that are cruelty-free?

California, Illinois, and Nevada have already passed legislation to ban the sale of animal-tested cosmetics. New Jersey and New York have passed laws requiring companies to use alternative methods to animal testing. According to a recent news article, Virginia is advocating to stop animal suffering too by choosing to ban the sale of any cosmetics tested on animals in 2022. Governor Northam signed The Humane Cosmetics Act on March 13, 2021. This law also goes a step further to ban the use of any ingredients tested on animals. Those who violate the law will face a fine up to $5,000 and $1,000 for each day in violation. Please show your support for similar legislation to be passed in your area to put an end to animal testing!

Take Action: Virginia residents, contact Governor Northam and thank him for signing The Humane Cosmetics Act to help end the suffering of many animals used to test beauty products.

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