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Illinois Bill Would Allow Court Advocates For Cats and Dogs In Abuse Cases

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March 14, 2020

To Illinois Representative Allen Skillicorn (R-District) for sponsoring House Bill 3995 that would give cats and dogs a voice during animal abuse cases.

Choosing to be an advocate for someone is powerful. When others hear your voice and join in your efforts, change is bound to happen. Advocates for animal welfare have faced many uphill battles trying to help create a more humane life for the animals who live in the world. Many of these advocates have faced opposition when speaking up for these sentient creatures, but they continue to push forward, fueled by the difference they see happening and what the future can bring.

Illinois Representative Allen Skillicorn is striving to make a difference for companion animals in animal cruelty cases with House Bill 3995. This bill would provide legal representation for the animals in these cases in an effort to determine the appropriate punishments abusers should face. These representatives would be comprised of pro bono lawyers and law students who are appointed by the Department of Agriculture. Once selected, they would be allowed to access court records, and interview veterinarians, police officers, and animal control officers who are involved in the cases. HB 3995 would play a vital role in helping to keep what these companion animals have endured present in these cases in order to receive adequate justice.

Take Action: If you agree that animals should have a voice during animal abuse cases, please contact your representative and show your support for HB 3995.

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