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New York Bill Passes the Senate to End the Atrocities of Puppy Mills - National Humane Education Society

May 23, 2022

Update (9/16/2022): The New York Assembly passed A4283 and it is waiting for Governor Hochul’s signature. Click here to send the governor an email today to show your support to stop puppy mill breeders.

Paws Up!

To the New York Senate for passing Senate Bill 1130 to break the cycle of puppy mills and end the suffering countless female dogs endure in these commercial breeding facilities in the name of greed.

Jason rescued by NHES’ animal care facility

Lawmakers and animal advocates are continually addressing puppy mills and the ugly truth that surrounds these commercial breeding facilities. The cruel act of breeding female dogs until their bodies give out is heart-wrenching. How do these entities stay in business? The sad reality is that they receive business from individuals concerned about adopting a puppy from their local animal shelter or rescue for fear of acquiring a dog with “unpredictable behavior.” This view creates a blind spot as families go to pet stores and pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for a puppy they believe will grow into a happy and healthy dog. Unbeknownst to these unsuspecting families, these bundles of fur have been transported from puppy mill entities where human kindness is absent, and their basic needs are not met by providing food, water, and veterinary care.

Felice rescued by NHES’ animal care facility

To stop these entities and the suffering they cause, it is up to the consumer to educate themselves about where the store acquires their animals from. Does the pet store source their animals from local animal shelters or rescues? Is documentation provided about the age, breed, and veterinary care provided for the puppy? Is it possible to meet the puppy’s mother to see her temperament and health? These are all important questions to ask while looking for a companion animal. Many families have found wonderful additions to their families at their local animal shelter or rescue.

According to a news article, New York Senator Mike Gianaris seeks to stop puppy mills with the introduction of Senate Bill 1130. S1130 would prohibit pet stores from selling cats, dogs, and rabbits. Currently, the bill is waiting to be voted on in the New York Assembly. Will you help be a voice for the countless companion animals bred for a profit who are in pain and neglected? 

Take Action: New Yorkers, please contact your assembly member today to show your support for S1130/A4283 to break this cycle of inhumane treatment and suffering endured by companion animals.

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One response to “New York Bill Passes the Senate to End the Atrocities of Puppy Mills”

  1. Sandra Couch says:

    No animal should be held in conditions without A/C, heat, outside space to run & play, companionship, love, medical care, food, water, treats, and much more.
    No hoarding for any reason should be allowed.

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