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PAWS II Act Increases Animals’ Protections Against Abuse and Neglect - National Humane Education Society

Paws Up!
August 22, 2018
To Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker (R) for signing into law Senate Bill 2646—the PAWS II Act—which builds upon policies within the PAWS I Act, and will improve animal protections and create harsher penalties for animal abusers in the state of Massachusetts.

The PAWS I Act was enacted in 2014 after the severe abuse and torture of a small puppy, named “Puppy Doe,” who was left in a public park and was later euthanized due to the severity of its injuries. After the passage of the PAWS I Act in 2014, state lawmakers formed a task force to investigate the problems facing animal welfare in the Commonwealth. This investigation resulted in adding new provisions to PAWS I, now aptly named PAWS II, to help improve and protect the lives of companion animals.

Not only does the PAWS II Act create tougher punishments for those who abuse animals, but the new provisions also require mandated reporters of abuse to report suspected animal abuse incidents within two days. They also now require landlords and property owners to check all properties for abandoned animals within three days of a foreclosure or termination of tenancy. These seemingly small changes can make an enormous impact on a helpless dog or cat who is being abused or neglected.

Take Action: Massachusetts residents, contact Governor Baker and thank him for helping to protect and improve the lives of animals through the PAWS II Act!

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3 responses to “PAWS II Act Increases Animals’ Protections Against Abuse and Neglect”

  1. Karen Mattia says:

    So very happy to read about PAWS II Act being passed. We have to protect our animals they cannot protect themselves. Hope all states adopt similar laws.

  2. Lisa Kane says:

    How can I get this law enforced in West Virginia? Thank You!Kane
    Lisa WV

  3. nhesadmin says:

    Hi Lisa, thanks for reading the article and for your comment! Try contacting your local representative and speaking to him or her about this new legislation in Massachusetts and what it would take to have a law passed in WV just like it. It is certainly possible to have legislation like this in every state! Thank you for supporting animals!

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