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Raccoon Trapping Now Legal in Entire State of Georgia - National Humane Education Society

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To Governor Nathan Dean of Georgia for passing H.B. 160  that has made trapping raccoons in Northern

Raccoons can now be trapped for their fur throughout the entire state of Georgia.

Raccoons can now be trapped for their fur throughout the entire state of Georgia.

Georgia legal.

The use of steel traps (of any kind) in the trapping of animals is cruel.  It creates extreme fear and pain which no animal should be subject to.  Northern Georgia and Southern Georgia were at a standstill on this until recently. As detailed in a local news article, residents of Northern Georgia were encouraged to petition Governor Nathan Dean for the continued protection of the raccoons there. According to Emory Dunahoo, a representative of Hall County, the reason the northern raccoons were “off limits” was a result of “a feud” between hunters and trappers.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case since the H.B. 160 Bill was signed on April 27, 2015.

Take Action: Contact your state legislature to encourage restrictions on wild animal trapping in your state.



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8 responses to “Raccoon Trapping Now Legal in Entire State of Georgia”

  1. ange addy says:

    my neighbor is trapping possums and raccoons and allowing them to die in the trap. is this legal? i thought you had to check the traps not just let them die, the reason i know is because i investigated the dead animal smell

  2. Deborah says:

    Deborah M
    I know it probably isn’t especially since business are closed and people need money but is there a free service for residents that can’t afford to pay to remove a racoon from the attic. My anxiety has been on high since this covid19 and the racoon issue have not helped none at all. Tried noise and spray it still here! Thank you in advance for an answer.

    • Hi Deborah, please consider calling a local wildlife rehabilitator who would be able to humanely trap and relocate the raccoon without harming them. Many of them are non-profit organizations that may not charge a fee but may request a donation. Search through the yellowpages or online for a wildlife rehabilitator near you, or you can call your local animal control authority who should have information on wildlife rehabilitation in your area.

  3. Jenny Dougherty says:

    So glad that Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal passed this for all of Georgia. I love Coon Hunting so do my Coon dogs . And the last five years you couldn’t hunt Coons state wide, well now there’s way to many Raccoons all over Georgia. Well I can assure my Coon dogs are Tickled Pink with excitement. That Love the Coon chase through the woods. Can’t blame the Coon Dog as it’s in his ‘blood’ to find and pursue a Raccoon. We have as much fun as the dogs do I can assure you. Give the sport a try it’s a whole lot of fun. And the furs fetch a good price. Looking to get Bag Limits this fall & winter.

    #Georgia Coon Hunters
    #Hunting is a GOD Given RIGHT
    #Hunt For Food
    # Humane Kills
    # Responsible Hunters

  4. Dooley says:

    And i want to change this law. And a few more and I will.

  5. Chris says:

    What’s the law on trapping raccoons in them steel hand traps then murdering them while there trapped? In north Georgia the guy next door just done it

    • Hi Chris, there is no law in Georgia currently against this. Recently, Georgia opened the hunting season of Raccoons to year round. I encourage you to reach out to your County Counsel to ban these types of traps.

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