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Tips to Keep You and Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Dear Friend of Animals, 

The time for Trick or Treat is just around the corner! Whether you plan to participate in the fun by going door-to-door with trick-or-treaters or by handing out treats on your front porch, you can take these precautions to make sure your companion animals stay safe and happy on Halloween.

While dressing up as ghouls or goblins and knocking on strangers’ doors for candy makes Halloween fun for humans, it can be confusing and frightening for our furry friends. Make sure your pets are secured away from your front door when greeting trick-or-treaters to keep everybody safe and relaxed.

Dressing up your canine pals to go trick-or-treating with you? Make sure their costumes fit properly and don’t contain parts that could become a choking hazard.

Always keep them on a short leash and use flashlights and reflective gear to keep them (and yourself) visible to drivers and pedestrians at night. 

Keep the kids’ treats away from your animals! Most candies contain ingredients harmful to dogs and cats like chocolate and xylitol. Make sure candy wrappers go directly in the trash.

Please remember these tips to keep your fur kids safe this holiday season. Have a very Happy Howl-o-ween!

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