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Washington D.C. Rings in New Year by Passing Animal Welfare Bill - National Humane Education Society

January 23, 2023

Paws Up!

The Council of the District of Columbia voted favorably to help create better lives for companion animals and to help prevent animal cruelty from happening in their city.

In December 2021, Bill 24-560, known as the Animal Care and Control Omnibus Amendment Act of 2021, was reintroduced by Councilmembers ChehNadeauAllenLewis George, and Pinto to create a more humane world for the animals in Washington D.C. Although it took over a year to come to fruition, the passage of this bill is a celebration for companion animals. The amended law

  • protects the well-being of cats.
  • hinders puppy mills.
  • bans animal fighting paraphernalia.
  • allows judges to rule in favor of what is best for companion animals during divorce hearings.
  • gives animal control the right to turn on their lights when answering a “life-threatening” emergency.
  • provides reimbursement to the Washington Humane Society when they house and care for animals during criminal investigations.
  • prohibits sexual contact with animals.

Take Action: Does your city or county have similar laws protecting animals? If not, please consider contacting your local representative to help pass animal welfare laws in your area. Your actions can create change for animals.

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