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Wild Nature Emerges in Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Wolves have the power to evoke awe and wonder upon observation. Swiftly moving through the trees, their lean forms and piercing eyes create a mesmerizing effect on the beholder and, in some cases, an “I want that” mentality. Rather than watching and enjoying wolves’ beauty from afar, people have tried to bring a piece of their wildness into their homes by breeding domesticated dogs with wolves and creating a hybrid referred to as a wolf-dog.wolf_article

How many of you have tried to capture the beauty of a field of wildflowers by bringing in a bouquet to display on your table? It may be beautiful for a time, but the origin of its beauty is not there to showcase its true essence. The enjoyment is fleeting.

In the same way, removing a wolf from the natural environment and bringing the animal into a confined human home often results in chaos. Like dogs, wolves are social animals and enjoy traveling as part of a pack. However, whereas dogs may be content to roam around their fenced yards, wolves have not been domesticated through generations of selective breeding and even when held captive, retain their innate nature to roam. A captive wolf or wolf-dog hybrid will search for a way out. The awe that someone once felt for these beautiful creatures will turn to frustration due to the challenges arising from the animals’ wild nature.

Wolf-dog hybrids also present a challenge in regard to vaccinations. The National Center for Biotechnology Information has reported that the rabies vaccine has not been adequately tested for use on wolf-dog hybrids. This can raise serious consequences, when humans choose to possess one of these animals.

The Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue has compiled a list of sanctuaries in the U.S. The need for more wolf sanctuaries will continue to rise as more people realize the “wildness” of their wolf-dog hybrids. As caretakers of the world we live in, we should strive to educate the next generation by “fostering a sentiment of kindness” towards wolf-dog hybrids and let them live in their natural environment. Let them be wild and run free the way Mother Nature intended and revel in their mysterious beauty through photography and visits to our National Parks.

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