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Wildlife Killing Contest Ban Awaiting Governor Hochul’s Signature - National Humane Education Society

Paws Up! New York would become the ninth state to outlaw wildlife killing contests if Governor Kathy Hochul signs the bill.

July 20, 2023

A.2917/S.4099 was introduced by Senator Tim Kennedy and Assemblymember Deborah Glick. If passed, killing contests in New York would become unlawful. S. 4099 overwhelmingly passed the Senate on June 7, 2023, and A. 2917 passed the Assembly on June 21, 2023. Now the bill is on Governor Kathy Hochul’s desk, waiting to be signed.

New York would become the ninth state to ban wildlife killing contests if signed by the Governor. States that have outlawed wildlife killing contests are California, Vermont, New Mexico, Arizona, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, and Maryland. This bill would prohibit all participation in wildlife killing contests. It would prohibit organization, sponsorship, conduction, promotion, as well as actual participation.

Wildlife killing contests are horrific events where animals are killed for the “thrill” of it and cash prizes. Hunters will either try to kill as many animals as possible under a time restriction or will try to kill the biggest or smallest of each animal. A lot of times, the animals are wastefully discarded after the contest. Animals commonly facing this cruelty include bobcats, coyotes, foxes, prairie dogs, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, woodchucks, and even mountain lions and wolves.

“These killing contests encourage senseless brutality, and serve absolutely no scientifically backed ecological or conservation purpose. The wildlife of the state is a natural resource for all New Yorkers to enjoy, and to allow these cruel contests to incentivize wasteful killing for cash is an insult to nature,” said Assemblymember Glick. Hopes are high that Governor Kathy Hochul will sign the bill into law. New York can set an example for other states to follow. People participating in wildlife killing contests should not get prizes; they should get penalties.

Send Governor Hochul a message supporting the ban on wildlife killing contests in New York.

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14 responses to “Wildlife Killing Contest Ban Awaiting Governor Hochul’s Signature”

  1. Valerie Bollini says:

    Please please please BAN the wildlife KILLING CONTEST!!! wtf

  2. patricia winters says:

    What a shame that guys enjoy killing so much.
    Isn’t there enough grief in this world that we
    have to have these evil scum to enjoy killing just
    for the fun of it. What a shame that guys get a
    thrill out of killing the innocent and defenseless.

  3. patricia winters says:

    What a shame that guys enjoy killing so much
    Isn’t there enough grief in this world? It’s such
    a shame that those evil scum get such a thrill
    out of killing the innocent and defensless. !


  4. patricia winters says:

    \Such a shame that guys enjoy killing so much.
    Isn’t there enough grief in this world ? It is such\
    a shame that we have to have such evil scum in
    this world that they get a thrill out of killing the
    innocent and defenseless.

  5. Mary Elizabeth Franco says:

    Please ban wild life killing contests. This is so barbaric I was shocked to read this is actually happening. There is no reason for this, as others have said don’t we have enough horror in the world. These poor animals are losing their habitats to greedy developers, fires and now cruel humans.
    Please ban this.

  6. Karen McGuinness says:


  7. Anita Burton says:

    THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. To kill innocent animals for sport is just evil

  8. Lance Kammerud says:


    • Richard Lasseter says:

      As a hi-power rifle builder, an accuracy fanatic and all around firearms enthusiast, I do NOT support these “contests”. They send the wrong message and demean all gun owners.

    • Richard Lasseter says:

      Brilliant! Who’d ever thought of that?? This makes perfect sense. We should do the same at factory farm slaughter houses!

  9. Bob Delastrada says:

    Reverence for all life is what is needed here. The people who get a thrill from killing need to examine their conscience and reflect on finding true values and purpose other than the thrill of the hunt.

  10. Shayne Wackell says:

    Are we still so that barbaric???

  11. Skrzycki says:

    Tit for tat
    Let’s shoot down the Hunter for prizes

  12. Jon f crawn says:

    Can any of you non hunters help me? I live in NY..coyotes have killed 37 chickens, 3 cats,a dog a goat n a mini horse…They have killed all the cats in a 5 mile radius in my town. They come off a mountain at nite to feed. They have no food to live in woods.In por jervis ny. They slaughter all the cats n woodchucks etc…No one can do a thing to help us…The rabid racoons from non harvest n non trapping,are ramoant with rabbis now n most have died.No racoons hete anymore…pkease help us…

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