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Las Vegas Voters Demand Better Animal Welfare Laws After Dog's Tragic Death

Paws Down! To the North Las Vegas City Council and Animal Control for failure to enact and enforce stricter animal welfare ordinances in their city.

September 4, 2020

The average high temperature in Las Vegas in August is 104 degrees. While most Nevadans shelter from the heat and sun in their air-conditioned homes or workplaces, unfortunately this was not the case for Lily, a dog who spent the last day of her life stuck on the end of a chain, baking in the arid heat with no shelter or shade. A concerned citizen called animal control, but it took nearly ninety minutes for the authorities to arrive, and it was already too late. Lily’s careless owner merely hosed down her body and put her underneath a trampoline before going back inside his cool and comfortable home, which had been off-limits to Lily.

Not surprisingly, animal welfare groups and the general public are enraged. One group, Nevada Voter for Animals, has launched a campaign and petition to strengthen animal cruelty laws and enforcement in the state of Nevada. Click here to sign the petition. (Please be aware this link contains graphic images of Lily.)

The North Las Vegas City Council is waiting for more evidence from the case, as well as Lily’s necropsy results, before making crucial improvements to the city’s severely lacking animal cruelty ordinances.

Take Action: Never leave a dog unattended on a chain. Never leave a dog outside in the elements with no shelter or water. When it is extremely hot or cold, dogs need to come inside, away from the sun or elements. If you see a dog struggling like Lilly did, call Animal Control/emergency services IMMEDIATELY. Animals’ lives depend on our compassion!

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