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Update: Governor Abbott Vetoes Safe Outdoor Dogs Bill - National Humane Education Society

Paws Down! To Texas Governor Greg Abbott for vetoing a bill that would have given more protections to dogs.

June 24, 2021

In a disappointing upset, HB 873, the Safe Outdoor Dogs Bill, was vetoed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott after it sailed through the House and Senate this spring. Governor Abbott claimed the bipartisan bill was attempting to unfairly “micro-manage” dog owners by outlawing the use of heavy chains as tethers and requiring dog owners to provide safe shelter for their companions in extreme heat and cold.

According to Abbott, these stipulations are already covered under Texas’ animal cruelty statutes and this bill would have been too extreme. The many law enforcement officials across the state who supported HB 873 disagree, and they are disappointed in Abbott’s unexpected decision. This bill would have given law enforcement and animal control officers more authority to enforce the proper treatment of dogs, especially in extreme weather conditions.

This bill was spurred into motion after several dogs died in extremely cold temperatures because they were left outside during the deep freeze earlier this February.  

Take Action: In a perfect world, no dog would be left on a chain to fend for themselves, but until then, we must support legislation that keeps them as safe as possible. Please continue to advocate for safe and humane treatment of animals in your state. Dogs are depending on you to make a difference for them!

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9 responses to “Update: Governor Abbott Vetoes Safe Outdoor Dogs Bill”

  1. Florence Anthony says:

    Why not Governor Abbott? Please will you think about it again. For dogs sake, pass it!

  2. Karen says:

    Abbott is a monster. Throw him out in the freezing cold and blistering heat and see how comfortable he is. He needs to be removed from office. If he is that ignorant to animals he will be that way to people too. What a waste of a human being!!!

  3. Janice Vlcek says:

    You cannot protect animals enough. Any protection for all animals should be paramount in your thinking. Makes me wonder if you really care about the creatures that share this planet with us. Shame on you Gov Abbot

  4. Cari says:

    It’s a disgrace to to have a Governor without empathy for God’s creatures, especially dogs.

  5. Kim says:

    People are judged by how they treat other living beings. The Governor should remember that dogs are considered “man’s best friend”, loyal and loving to the end. It is heartless to place heavy chains around their necks, tethering their every movement, and then further torturing them by leaving them out in extreme temperatures! Not acceptable. Please reconsider passage of the bill!

    • Doris Gorgo says:

      Kim, I wholeheartedly agree with you and the comments on this site. Is there anything that we,as animal lovers, can do to help pas a bill . If someone is going to keep a dog outside, it should have proper housing to protect them from the weather and easy access to food and water. There are certain organizations that will look into this matter and we need to ask them for help

  6. Doris Gorgo says:

    This is insane! What is the problem with this governor. Everyone owning a pet is responsible and should be responsible for caring for their pet. Apparently, the governor has no pets of his own and, therefore, doesn’t have the compassion that animal lovers have. Anyone who keeps a dog tethered regardless if the weather is cold or hot, should be heavily fined and assigned to do community work for a period of time. They must be heavily fined (because the pocket is what hurts). A law needs to be passed to protect these animals as soon as possible. Or, perhaps, someone should put a chain around the governor’s neck and leave him outside.

  7. Marleen Jenkins says:

    This is despicable in a state where dogs are abandoned out in the brush, in the heat, and left to starve on the streets in the city, I find this totally inhumane by a leader.

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