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Texas House Considers Safe Outdoor Dogs Bill

Paws Up! To Texas Representative Nicole Collier for introducing a bill that would give more protections to dogs who are left outdoors.

Update: This bill was vetoed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
Read more here.

March 27, 2021

Last February, as many Texans endured a terrible and sudden freeze that lasted nearly a week, many dogs suffered and nearly died due to neglect and exposure to extreme weather conditions. Texas Representative Nicole Collier (D-Fort Worth) leapt into action with HB 873, the Safe Outdoor Dogs Bill, which would strengthen existing dog welfare laws to specify appropriate outdoor shelter, access to food and water, and shelter from extreme weather.

This legislation could not have come at a better time, when the arid Texas summer heat is just around the corner.

Dog chaining inherently creates a life of misery for dogs who remain solitary and tethered for much of their lives. The practice also creates secondary hazards that have killed or injured many dogs. In a perfect world, no dog would be left on a chain to fend for themselves, but until then, we must support legislation that keeps them as safe as possible.

The bill recently passed committee by a 7-2 vote, and it is set to be considered by another committee before being sent to the House floor.

Take Action: Texans, please contact your representatives and tell them that they need to vote YES on HB 873 The Safe Outdoor Dogs Bill!

Spread awareness of the inherent cruelty of dog chaining and other important animal welfare topics to your friends, family, coworkers, and the general public by handing out our free educational brochures–just pay shipping or download for free! Click here to be taken to our educational materials page.

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3 responses to “Texas House Considers Safe Outdoor Dogs Bill”

  1. vote YES on HB 873

  2. Vote “YES” to House Bill 873 please .

  3. Joann Spirrison says:

    Vote yes

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