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Alabama Poultry Farmers Outed for Cockfighting, Trafficking to Guam

Paws Down! To Alabama poultry farmers profiting from cockfighting and animal trafficking.

June 23, 2020

Animal welfare groups have exposed poultry farms outside of Birmingham, Alabama, as possible participants in a Guam-based cockfighting ring. After pouring over hundreds of pages of shipping records from the Guam Department of Agriculture, investigators have uncovered that these small Alabama poultry farms have been shipping thousands of roosters to the U.S. territory every year. In the poultry industry, it is not lucrative to purchase more roosters than hens, so these roosters are more than likely being used in cruel and barbaric cockfights.

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Much like dog-fighting, roosters are subjected to abuse, drugs, and “training” for several months before a fight. They often have their feathers plucked out and have razor-sharp blades tied to their feet to inflict great injury to the other bird while onlookers jeer and take bets on the winner. Often times, both birds die at the end of a fight.

While all states in the U.S. have laws against cockfighting and it is considered a federal offense, Alabama only requires a $50 fine for participating in cockfighting and zero jail time. Their antiquated laws have not been updated since the 19th century! It is time for Alabama lawmakers to step up to the plate and demand change.

Take Action: Alabama residents, contact your legislators and tell them to upgrade the laws against cockfighting to be on the same level as your anti-dogfighting laws. Do not participate or be a spectator in animal-related games involving gambling. If you see animal cruelty taking place, contact your local animal control office or police department and report it immediately. No animal deserves to be abused for our entertainment and financial gain!

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