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Boise City Council Passes New Animal Welfare, TNR Ordinances

Paws Up! To the Boise City Council for passing ordinances that will help create a better life for the animals in their community.

April 21, 2021

The Boise City Council unanimously voted in favor of several new animal welfare ordinances, showing that compassion and empathy for animals is at the forefront of Boise citizens’ interests.

The new provisions include a ban on displaying exotic animals, such as in circuses, as well as clearer language regarding animal cruelty and animal control’s role within the city. City council members touted these provisions as “common sense” upgrades to the existing animal welfare laws in Boise, Idaho. Their greatest concern, though, was for the neglected feral cat population. The City Council made it law that Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) will be the official method for controlling the feral cat populations in Boise! TNR is an effective and humane method for decreasing the feral cat populations in many communities across the United States.

Read why TNR is a necessary solution to help feral cats.

Take Action: Send a huge “Thank you!” to the City of Boise City Council by clicking here.

Are your local animal welfare ordinances up to par? Write to, email, or call your local city council or municipality and ask for better standards for animals in your city!

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