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Canyon's Law Seeks to Ban Cyanide Bombs From Being Used on Public Lands

August 12, 2021

To Representative DeFazio for reintroducing Canyon’s Law to ban the use of cyanide bombs used to control wildlife predators.

If you have ever lost a beloved companion animal, then you know the pain and grief that follows in the wake of their death. One Idaho family hopes they can keep other families from having to experience the tragedy they did back in 2017. Canyon was enjoying an outdoor adventure with his beloved canine, Kasey, when they happened upon a cyanide bomb. Tragically, it killed Kasey and injured Canyon after being accidentally triggered.

According to a press release, Representative DeFazio (D-Oregon) has reintroduced House Resolution 4951, known as Canyon’s Law, in an effort to ban the USDA’s Wildlife Services from using M-44s with sodium cyanide to help control wildlife predators. In 2019, Representative DeFazio and Senator Merkley (D-OR) introduced Canyon’s Law, but it never got a chance to be voted on. Oregon has banned the use of cyanide bombs.

The Wildlife Services’ mission is to help resolve human-wildlife conflict. Sadly, this is accomplished through the intentional killing of wildlife. In 2020, 1,508,896 animals were killed by the Wildlife Services. Controversy has arisen with their use of cyanide bombs after accidental injuries to individuals and the deaths of Kasey and two other dogs in Wyoming occurred. M-44s resemble sprinkler heads when they are in the ground. Once triggered, they release sodium cyanide into the animal’s face, and death is imminent in one to five minutes.

Will you help spare other families the trauma of watching their beloved canines die after a cyanide bomb encounter by contacting your representative today?

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3 responses to “Canyon’s Law Seeks to Ban Cyanide Bombs From Being Used on Public Lands”

  1. Lance Kammerud says:

    Cyanide bombs should and need to be banned immediately and forever. NO ANIMAL WILD OR DOMESTICATED SHOULD EVER BE EXPOSED TO CYANIDE BOMBS!!

  2. Millie Callahan says:

    Please ban cyanide bombs, unfortunately they kill all animals they come in contact with, not only the intended target 🎯

  3. Diana Yee says:

    Cyanide bombs are indiscriminate killers.Please stop this insane practice.

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