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Cats Are Now Protected From Painful Declawing in Maryland - National Humane Education Society

June 9, 2022

To Governor Larry Hogan for signing Senate Bill 0067 banning the painful practice of declawing cats.

Kaleesi rescued by NHES’ animal care facility

Did you know that only two states in the United States protect cats from being declawed? Until recently, New York was the only state that banned individuals from getting their cats declawed. According to a news article, Maryland joined New York’s efforts to protect cats from the cruel procedure of amputating their claws and part of the bone. The law goes into effect on October 1, 2022. Under the law, veterinarians are not allowed to declaw any cat unless it is for a medical reason. Any veterinarian who violates the law may have to pay a fine of up to $1,000. Only a handful of cities and counties in other states have passed laws banning declawing. They include 1) Austin, Texas; 2) Denver, Colorado; 3) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 4) St. Louis, Missouri; 5) Madison, Wisconsin; and 6) St. Louis County in Pennsylvania

Kitten rescued by NHES’ animal care facility

Many veterinarians have chosen to stop performing this inhumane surgery because of the lingering issues it can cause for cats. Some cats have experienced psychological problems and changes in how they walk. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it is an unnecessary medical procedure. So why do individuals choose to declaw their cats, and why are so few local and state laws passed protecting cats from being declawed? Common reasons some individuals give for choosing to declaw their cats are to protect their furniture, or they have always had declawed cats. The lack of laws protecting cats from being declawed may stem from lawmakers’ concern over passing this type of restriction on companion animal owners. According to a news article, a representative in St. Louis, Missouri, seeks to overturn the ban passed in 2019 to prevent future legislation that may encompass other animals such as livestock.

Take Action: If you support Governor Hogan’s decision to protect cats from this inhumane surgery, please thank him today! (Click here to send Governor Hogan an email.)

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