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Efforts To Save the North Atlantic Right Whale Are Underway - National Humane Education Society

March 16, 2022

To Senator Cory Booker and Congressman Seth Moulton for introducing the Right Whale Coexistence Act of 2022 to protect the imperiled right whales.

A Right Whale in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina.

Whales are magnificent creatures of the sea that help support life on our planet by storing carbon in their bodies and contributing to the health of aquatic ecosystems. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), whales’ excrement is a source of nutrients for phytoplankton to grow. Although small, these plants provide oxygen for other plants and animals living in the ocean.

Sadly, surfacing for air can be a death sentence for whales when they collide with ships or become entangled in fishing gear. As whales emerge from the depths of the water, droplets dance above the surface when the warm air from their lungs meets the outside air temperature. After inhaling, they gracefully descend back into their vast home until resurfacing again.

Although whales receive protection under the Marine Mammals Act, increased efforts are needed to aid their chances of survival. NOAA has reported that less than 350 right whales exist today, and they are continually addressing efforts to stop this dangerous decline. They have implemented vessel speed restrictions in Seasonal Management Areas, created a mandatory reporting system upon right whale sightings, and required specific types of fishing gear to be used to reduce entanglement but more needs to be done. In February, Senator Cory Booker and Congressman Seth Moulton introduced the Right Whale Coexistence Act of 2022 to protect the right whales from becoming extinct. If passed, the Right Whale Coexistence Act of 2022 would provide grants to support conservation programs to protect these beautiful and sentient beings.

Take Action: Will you show your support to increase conservation efforts to protect the right whales by contacting your representative today?

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One response to “Efforts To Save the North Atlantic Right Whale Are Underway”

  1. Jennifer Ogden says:

    Please support conservation programs so my grandchildren will be able to see you well someday

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