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Goldie’s Act Promises Protection for Dogs in Puppy Mills - National Humane Education Society

Paws Up! Goldie’s Act has been reintroduced and would establish a better quality of life for dogs in puppy mills.

May 24, 2023

Puppies rescued by NHES’ animal care facility.

If anyone were to set foot in a puppy mill, they would instantly know that the conditions the puppies are kept in are inhumane. These puppies are kept in confined cages and are often stacked on top of one another. They have little access to food and water and are forced to live in unsanitary conditions. A lot of these puppies grow up without enrichment, human interaction, or medical care. Puppy mills licensed under the USDA still have dogs living in these appalling conditions.

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis reintroduced Goldie’s Act to increase protection for dogs at puppy mills. H.R. 1788: Goldie’s Act was reintroduced on March 24, 2023. This bill was named after a golden retriever puppy known as #142. She was deteriorating for months in a puppy mill in Iowa. The USDA documented and filmed her condition but took no action to help her, even though they had the authority to do so. She was eventually found in a barn with other dead dogs, and her body was so skinny and weak that the USDA allowed her to be euthanized on-site by a veterinarian.

Puppy rescued by NHES’ animal care facility.

Goldie’s Act aims to amend the Animal Welfare Act and increase the enforcement of violations of this amended Act. This bill ensures that more investigations and follow-up investigations occur if there is a violation until violations are corrected. Under Goldie’s Act, the USDA would remove any animal suffering from physical or psychological harm from the premises. They would also be required to document and provide a copy of all violations to local law enforcement within 24 hours of each inspection for investigation. As well as put in place fines for each violation made.

Goldie’s Act would save countless animals from suffering in puppy mills. These puppies need more protection and regulations. No animal deserves to live a life of mistreatment and abuse. Even if one disagrees with puppy mills, these animals are crying for our help. These violations need to be brought to the light, and puppy mill owners will suffer the consequences.

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Do you support Goldie’s Act? Click here to contact your local representatives.

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